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Bottom line Aloisi needs to go . Simple as that . You can't go on like this anymore . Getting tired hearing Aloisi if we have this player or that one . It is what it is . You as manager must find way to lift some players up . At the moment like you said dobo players are lost out there trying to do impossible on their own often making it worst .
I've been having a serious think about trying to pinpoint what our issues are and I believe it comes down to this:

Our squad has decent pedigree. We're not the best on paper but we're not the worst either.
Our major issue I see is that JA has not taken 110% control of the squad and set very clear parameters in how we're supposed to play and what the expectations are for each and every player that comes into the side. I see too many strange decisions made on the park that tells me that the players have in their own mind what they think is the "best" option for them. Case in point, hoofing it high towards the wing from kick off.. I mean FFS even in my metro league games back in the day I knew it was a very low percentage play.
JA has a lot of experience in the squad and maybe he thought originally that he'd be able to rely on the older heads to work out solutions in the games. The proof is there that JA needs to take a much tighter reign on the squad and manage the tactics and each player's/position's required output.
Remember the times under Ange. Players were coded to know exactly what was required in their position. Fringe players did as well.

Bottom Line: In my opinion JA is a manager who likes to leave plenty of responsibility on the individual to make decisions rather than spelling out and drilling the players in exactly what is required for each position.
there was not a lot to like about the first half. FBK was absolutely diabolical and would be completely out of the squad next game if I was in charge. ran the ball into areas where he was completely isolated and outnumbered and continued to run with the ball even after loosing out several times. Skapetis (and holeman when he plays) are also very guilty of this, so i am wondering if it is something that Aloisi is training them to do.

We looked much much much better when Arkarbi came on, he linked well with o-toole and mckay, quick one touch pass and move. Leck was also similar when he came on, keep it simple, pass and move. Young was outstanding, would have been 4 or 5 with out him. Maccarone is a class player but completely unsuitable for the style we are playing. he needs decent service and he absolutely does not get it with the current set up. we are still playing as though we have a striker that hassles defences and causes a nuisance of him self and Maca is not that player.
JA needs to be careful about his comments on his players and leave that to the media and amateurs on the side line. Shades of Melbourne Heart there. He could lose the dressing room and then we are really and truly gone.
In terms of the quality Muscat  has in George, Troisi, Berisha and Barabarouses  up front JA makes a fair point. Of those, Berisha and Troisi were disappointing fortunately. Maccarone showed more class than Berrisha. Unfortunately, we struggled in terms of the number 10 role much like we have all season. Sounds like Gameiro was going to be an option but for the gastro. And out wide, George and Barbaroures caused more problems then our wide players. And we really lacked an attacker that was prepared to have a go. Other  than Big Mac.
Skapetis is showing more Dover than Stoke City and for mine is one of the disappointments of the season. Franjic not fully fit and still for mine, a quality right back that scores a few more goals than Jack, rather than a midfielder.  FBK was great in the second half but too error prone in the first.  We really need an outlet other than Big Mac.
Our distribution in the first half seemed to home in on the biggest player on the park time after time. The number 14.
Defensively, was that Skapetis that failed to pick up Williams in what looked like a training ground move for them? Second goal was a quality counter. I would blame the turn overs more than the defensive efforts.

Plus points.
Fighting spirit. Excellent goal keeping. Commendable efforts by Leck, Akbari, O'toole, Hingert, and Bowles, and a journeyman effort again by Pepper.  Leadership of Mackay. FBK second half Cameo. Maccarone quality for the main. TK finally back though his touch was off. But above all. Jamie Young. Outstanding Jamie.
HM to the VAR for once doing something useful re the Berisha disallowed goal.
Well at least we aren?t looking at the wooden spoon yet.
I remember when they sacked Mulvey they said his tactics weren?t in line with the Roars positive possession based football ethos. WTF are we playing now.
I could live with a loss if we were controlling the game but now any wins feel lucky.
I think the team is good enough... but...
I had some nice beers...and the ham rolls in the new bar aren't bad...
I'd heard good things about them, so I bought with a high level of expectation. Nice, but not worth the hype.
Roar Discussion / Re: VAR - Yes or No ?
« Last post by Orange Emperoar on December 17, 2017, 11:17:48 PM »
So wasn't it the VAR that picked up Berisha's hand ball?
It didn't change the result of the game, and once it was picked up by replays we could have all enjoyed calling him a cheat for another season. VAR added nothing at all, and the stadium couldn't celebrate Macca's goal untill the replay showed he was clearly onside.
I had some nice beers...and the ham rolls in the new bar aren't bad...
Roar Discussion / Re: VAR - Yes or No ?
« Last post by Chico Raul on December 17, 2017, 09:14:17 PM »
So wasn't it the VAR that picked up Berisha's hand ball?
Roar Discussion / Re: VAR - Yes or No ?
« Last post by Tr0jan on December 17, 2017, 08:37:28 PM »
It can f**k right off. And when it's finished fucking right off it can f**k right off some more.
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