Author Topic: Newcastle Jets vs Brisbane Roar - 5/3/17 - Rnd 22 - McDonald Jones Stadium  (Read 2189 times)


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Unless Matty does not make the final cut for the Socceroos, we will be without him for the Victory game.
I believe Victory may be without Rojas and Berisha.
So JC could play alongside TK. 

People mentioned some of the mistakes JC has made. He isn't exactly Robinson Crusoe at the Roar for that.
But his passing average is better than Broich, McKay, Holman, Arana and Borrello.

Caletti  88.5% passing accuracy. 131 successful passes in 231 minutes. 83.5% in opponents half.
McKay 82% passing accuracy. 1102 successful passes in in 1866 minutes. 77% in opponents half.
Broich 76.7% passing accuracy. 530 successful passes in 1416 minutes played. 69% in opponents half
Holman 75.3% passing accuracy. 335 successful passes in 925 minutes. 71.1% in opponents half

Borello and Arana have similar passing stats to Holman and Broich.

JC will only get better. And the early signs are really positive The others apart from Borrello are not likely to improve.
The significant stat for me is the sheer number of times this 17 year old gets on the ball and keeps the ball moving quickly with a high degree of success. He is perpetual motion.

Not sure where you are taking this???? As for stats you can really only look at Calleti V Mckay. Broich and Holman are in the attacking 3rd and you'll find these attacking players (10,9,7,11) have lower percentages across the league. The backs usually have higher percentages..Considering he plays 6 DM you should compare him to the backs. Also percentages tend to level out after time. So you have cherry picked a bit here. Try for a more balanced look. And look at other teams stats. And Caletti is 18 turning 19 this year. Don't get me wrong i enjoy watching him. He's only young.

Very true. There is obviously more time/space and passing options in the 1st and 2nd so stats for those mf players will always be higher.

Broich needs good players around him to create space for himself. Having close proximity to both mckay and calletti as a 10 would work well imo. I feel confident in those players being able to hold the ball under pressure and play in more 1 dimensional players like borello and maclaren.



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