Author Topic: Wellington Phoenix vs Brisbane Roar - 28/10/17 - HAL Rnd 4 - Westpac Stadium  (Read 2067 times)


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I also thought that was a legitimate goal but I noticed that the panel didn't even bother to talk about it or take another look at it.  I thought McKay had every right to contest for it and the keeper was at fault. 

Chico Raul

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Just looking at the game again.
No-one has mentioned the effort where McKay went up with the string of beans that passed for a Phoenix goal keeper
The ball fell in the back of the net and was obviously a goal. Late in the first half just after De Vere went off.
Even the one-eyed kiwi commentator thought the  string of beans should have done better.
I'll be blowed if I can see a problem with how the diminutive McKay jumped up as he is entitled to do.
That looked like an obvious referee error seemingly endorsed by the VAR. Surely you have to be able to jump for a ball. Was there a problem elsewhere?

Pretty obviously a goal, but the referree had a different angle. VAR can't rule if the referree doesn't request, as far as I understand it.
I'm perfectly happy about being unhappy about that kind of stuff up. Happens all the time and is part of the game. Errors like that help make refs better over time and can be used in instruction.

var can and by definition has to rule when the ref doesn't request, (it was brought in to rule of obvious refereeing error) however it has to, in the opinion of the VAR ref be an obvious error. in that case i can only imagine that the var has ruled that mckay impeded the keeper enough that it was not an obvious error by the ref
Did the VAR even look at it?
The only obvious thing was that Brisbane did not protest. But apart from that it looked like bad goal keeping by the string of beans.
When it comes to impeding, there is no special mention of goal keepers in the laws of the game that prevents a player from challenging for a ball within playing distance. There is only the rule preventing the goal keeper releasing the ball.
I don't know about anyone else but seeing FBK and Bautheac on the wings I can't help but be reminded of Captain Haddock and Tin Tin.
Herge's adventures of the Brisbane Roar. Until someone comes up with a better name, Bautheac is Tin Tin for me.
The ball was within playing distance. McKay is entitled to go for it.


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Been away, so missed the game.  Have to say that, from the reports, it doesn't sound so much like a turn of the corner from Brisbane as a chronic case of the opposing team sitting back on a lead they felt was safe.

I agree with Sep - this buys Aloisi a week.  Anything less than a win against CCM and he's in deep trouble.



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