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Re: Brisbane Roar vs Ceres-Negros - 23/1/18 - ACL Play Off 1 - QSAC Stadium
« Reply #40 on: January 24, 2018, 04:15:09 PM »
At the end of the day the owners are just as responsible for all the things on the above list

Uh... The owners are exclusively responsible for everything on the list.

Aloisi is accountable for the decline in player performance, but I doubt its all his own doing. I'm sure if he had the same sort of money to throw around as they do at Sydney or Melbourne City, we'd be in a better position on the ladder.

My comment was regarding the role of the managing director. Obviously the owners are responsible for everything that goes on with the club, however if they are responsible for everything, why do we have a managing director?

Sydney FC don't have David Traktovenko negotiating on where their ACL games are played. Scott Barlow would be doing it and if it goes wrong, the blame lies with him. The Bakries have done some terrible things in the past, and I think that makes people assume every single thing that goes wrong with the club has happened because of them which I don't think is necessarily true.

-Unpaid player & staff wages - BAKRIES
-Donachie, Brattan contracts terminated due to unpaid player and staff wages - Pretty sure Donachie was allowed to leave because someone screwed up the dates on his contact. Not the owners fault. Owners at fault for Brattan not being happy.
-More unpaid player and staff wages - BAKRIES
-Training venue & creditors unpaid (industrial laundry) - BAKRIES (If they were told about it and were unwilling to pay, not if it was financial mismanagement by the managing director)
-ACL 'home' games being moved to the Gold Coast - MANAGING DIRECTOR
-ACL 'home' qualifier being moved to another country - MANAGING DIRECTOR

-ACL referees not being given all the provisions outlined in their contractual obligation resulting in a fine - MANAGING DIRECTOR

-Shirts with numbers falling off in front of an international audience with one of our most expensive players being unable to return to the pitch - MANAGING DIRECTOR/ADMIN/BACKROOM STAFF
-Steady decline in attendance and presumably marketing spend & certainly marketing visibility - Decline in attendance is certainly attributed to poor performances, which lies with Aloisi. Perhaps marketing could be better, but that is a league wide issue, not just us.
-Increasing failure to attract sponsors - MANAGING DIRECTOR

-Steady decline in player quality, player performance & ladder position. - MANAGING DIRECTOR AND COACHING STAFF

I am certainly not making excuses, and I would love to see the Bakries sell the club to someone who cares about it, but surely the blame is shared around? I mean people are talking about operating on a shoe string budget, but haven't they put $30,000,000 into the club since 2011? That to me seems like a lot of money. They have put up money for us to be able to get marquees. It's Aloisi and Moore's fault that the marquees aren't really up to marquee standard.

I think though you're missing the point that there have been multiple CEO's & MD's but a continuous list of pretty dodgy decisions, events and mistakes. So looking higher than the MD/CEO level is the ownership level who are responsible for calling the shots on people who call the shots. The consistent and repeated failures of the people the owners have installed point to the biggest problems being with the owners themselves. Until the owners change we can expect more of the same from Brisbane on and off the field. Period.


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Re: Brisbane Roar vs Ceres-Negros - 23/1/18 - ACL Play Off 1 - QSAC Stadium
« Reply #41 on: January 24, 2018, 04:16:30 PM »
Thinking about it more there is a vital key component that can make a club much stronger on first impression and "paints" over issues behind the scenes.. That's a strong Manager.

JA appeared to be that man in his first 2 seasons (considering how turbulent things were behind the scenes) as he guided us to two 3rd place finishes. Is he simply just having a bad season where everything that could go wrong is? Is it in the Bakries best interest to let him try to pull the club back out from the ashes? It appears that's what they want to do?

Again personally I don't think JA can get us back to the summit but time will tell whether he gets his chance or not.
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Re: Brisbane Roar vs Ceres-Negros - 23/1/18 - ACL Play Off 1 - QSAC Stadium
« Reply #42 on: January 24, 2018, 05:08:12 PM »
Another episode of JA's adventures of Tin Tin. The shirt incident was more entertaining than the football, at least for the impartial observer. Message from captain Haddock to Tin Tin. Walk Away now! You could be playing in the top League in France.
Based on the laws of the game, there is nothing I know of that says a player must have a number on his back. Colour of shirt yes. Numbering. I don't think so. Which is why the commentators said the referee had said the numbers were dangerous. There is stuff in the rules about dangerous. I expect the referees were as bemused as everyone else.
The ACL regulations almost certainly will and there will be a fine or two to come.
Anyone Remember the Show. 77 Sunset Strip? Looks like it is back on a TV channel near you.
The better team won.
As for embarrassment in terms of football. I get tired of the arrogance that we can stroll through Asian comps (nationally we saw that a lot of that with the anti Ange commentary). Ceres-Negros were good, and the second goal a sublime finish. Possibly against Newcastle, Sydney or Victory they may not have fared as well, but they are a good team. By comparison we are a rabble and played without enthusiasm of imagination. We embarrassed ourselves. Nothing shameful in losing the game. It is how we lost.
Obviously there are huge problems in the off field department at Roar. Not to have a second shirt in case of a blood injury is under 10s stuff.
This may be a blessing in disguise as far as Roar in the A League goes, but it does look like the beginning of the end rather than the end of the beginning.
Agree with Bozza. Bring on the youngsters and restore some pride. Because basically we are playing for pride now.

Funny about 77 Sunset Strip, my wife and I both thought the same when Franjic's number started to drop off.  We remember the show but were too young to watch.  Very catchy theme song too, see https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W4kd3ojoFFA .  Maybe this could be next weeks walk-out song to make a point?  BRFC definitely in a sunset.


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Re: Brisbane Roar vs Ceres-Negros - 23/1/18 - ACL Play Off 1 - QSAC Stadium
« Reply #43 on: January 24, 2018, 05:12:52 PM »
His, Aloisis, first two seasons he had the remnants of a very good team that he inherited!
He had Broich too (before the boys club did the dirty on him) who was much more than just a great player to our club, he was also a mentor to the up and comings and epitomised our team ethic and spirit! This is something the Aloisis have never had or instilled in the team.
I keep hearing two 3rd places but really out of ten teams that is not exactly a brilliant achievement.
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Re: Brisbane Roar vs Ceres-Negros - 23/1/18 - ACL Play Off 1 - QSAC Stadium
« Reply #44 on: January 24, 2018, 10:39:43 PM »
It is hard to divide the blame.
Sadly things flow into one another == how can JA and co (Moore or the replacement) go to a potenital signing and say "come to this great club ????"
If you were ronald vargas, which club would you choose ??
If I was a young player would I go to the CCM or Brisbane Roar ?
You 'should' get your wages. You might get injured with no backroom staff ...... but brisbane is beautiful.

Good management/owners --> stability --> Football team focusing on football not all of the other rubbish.
This is going to take years to improve.
Bakries are unlikely to sell any time soon especially while roar and aleague is on its knees. 

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Re: Brisbane Roar vs Ceres-Negros - 23/1/18 - ACL Play Off 1 - QSAC Stadium
« Reply #45 on: January 24, 2018, 11:25:05 PM »
There are a couple of Roar fans where I work and the negative emails were bouncing around today.  Later it struck me that we can?t change what is happening on the field right now, but we can change how we supporters react.

I thought it was hilarious when the Den started a ? two Franjics? song on Tuesday night as the on field dramas played out.  Their good humour was the highlight of the night.  Good on you lads. May you continue to lift everyone?s spirits for the remainder of the season.

Forget that other 77 sunset strip song.  This one below is the one we should all be singing to show our resilience in the face of adversity, and to laugh at shirt gate.  The Brisbane band The Riptides had a minor hit with ?77 Sunset Strip? a few decades back.  This number has a simple chorus, catchy hand claps and a sunny feel.  Just what we need for our next home game to show that we can be positive even when things look ...pretty ordinary.




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